Bonaparte en Terre Sainte

La campagne de Napoléon en Terre Sainte a été un échec militaire mais un succès au niveau de l'intérêt qu'elle a suscité dans le mon

Visite d'une journée à Ashdod

Aujourd'hui un article en français pour changer car nous allons parler d'Ashdod, une ville où beaucoup d'immigrants de France et de pays francophones ont élu domicile depuis 1948. Ils y ont été rejoints depuis le début des années 1990 par des immigrants russes. Les sites que j'y ai visités en une journée sont les suivants. Colline de Jonas (גבעת יונה) Selon la Bible (Jonas 1:3), le prophète s'est embarqué à Jaffa pour Tarsis mais, après trois jours et trois nuits dans les entrailles du "grand poisson" (faussement traduit par "baleine"), il a été rejeté sur la côte. La Bible ne dit pas où exactement mais, selon les traditions anciennes connues déjà du temps des Romains et des Byzantins, ce f

History agrees with the Bible in Lachish

The site of Tel Lachish (תל לכיש) is of great historical importance. Unfortunately it is not well developed for tourism and visitors because there is neither signage nor explanation of what is seen. Hopefully this is about to change because a visitors center is currently being built. I recently conducted a tour in this site which I love in particular because it is one of the rare sites where Bible and History meet together. In essence, there are four sources about Lachish: (1) the Bible where the city is mentioned 10 times, (2) the Annals of Sennacherib, written in cuneiform on a clay prism, (3) the Lachish reliefs, discovered in the ancient palace of Sennacherib in Nineveh by a British expe

Trek down Nahal Shimri

Mount Carmel is a very well-known location for Nature lovers as it offers several beautiful treks in the midst of Mother Nature. We did a trek down Nahal Shimri (נחל שמרי) from the top of Mount Carmel until an area with "bell caves". It is a trek on the Western side of the Carmel as the Ofer stream flows down to the direction of the Mediterranean Sea. The trek gives a visual sample of the geological formation of the Carmel and of its specific Mediterranean woodlands (maquis) climate belt, especially in the Springtime season (February-March) when many plants are blossoming. This trek is part of the Israel National Trail (שביל ישראל) which in itself proves its worth. It belongs to the wider ar

Bible meets Sculpture in Gan Golan

The Judean Lowlands is a fantastic region to walk with the Bible in hand. There are several sites that are related to Biblical stories and characters, and we will surely talk about them in this blog over time. But if you wish to add entertainment to your tour in this area, then head inside the city of Beit Shemesh to visit the Sculptures Garden, also called "Gan Golan" (Golan's Garden) named after a soldier called Golan Peli who was killed aged 22 in 1992 during military action. His parents had a house adjacent to the present garden and, as they were both sculptors (the father in stonework and the mother in metalwork), they started to create sculptures using Biblical themes. This is because,

Tour Guide Israel - Blog launch

This is a new blog that is about the sites where I arrange tours in Israel, their connection to the Bible and to historical sources, my comments about news and findings from archaeological digs, and more. The topics are anything and everything related to the Land of Israel, a.k.a. the Promised Land and the Holy Land. Enjoy and Comment.