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The throne of Sennacherib at the siege of Lachish

One of the most extraordinary archaeological discovery of the 19th century was the royal palace of Sennacherib in antique Nineveh (today's Mossul in Irak). It is Sennacherib who brought the capital of the Assyrian empire to its pinnacle around 700 BCE. His palace contains 80 rooms, with its walls filled with reliefs. In the throne room itself, was found the relief of the capture of Lachish, the second city of importance in the tiny kingdom of Judea. In one section of this amazing relief, which can be admired today in London's British Museum, we can see the king sitting on an impressive throne, and an inscription next to it, which says: Sennacherib, king of the world, king of Assyria, sat upon a throne and passed in review the booty from Lachish. (source: The Ancient Near East, James Pritchard, 1969, page 201). I have seen copies of this text with the mention sat upon his throne, which is a wrong translation.