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Memorial to the victims of the 7-October massacre

The barbaric massacre of the 7th of October 2023 cost the lives of over 1500 people, of which about 1200 were civilians including many children. 260 people were abducted, many of whom are still held in captivity today at the hands of Hamas. 360 peaceful young people enjoying, the music and dance at the Nova Festival, were massacred in cold blood and over 40 have been kidnapped. 

Despite ample photographic evidence, much of it being uploaded live by the perpetrators themselves on social media, a significant number of people in this world deny that these atrocities took place. It is our duty to ensure that the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust is documented and shown to those who wish to witness it first hand.

The site at Nova Festival is full of improvised memorials arranged by the victims' families in memory of their loved ones. This is a heart-breaking visit but a necessary one to ensure that the plight of these victims is not forgotten in a world where many have chosen to remain silent.

Memorial site of the Nova Festival massacre
Site of a bus stop where hiding youths were murdered
Nova Festival massacre - cemetery of burned vehiclesuide.jpg
Site of Sderot Police station attacked on 7-10
View point to Gaza Strip
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