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licensed tour-guide Old City Jerusalem

Jerusalem Tours

The city of Jerusalem dates back from the period of the Patriarchs, and is an important site of worship for the three monotheist faiths. It also attracts people interested in archaeology as it is the most excavated site on Earth. There are many fun activities for children too. 

I have three popular tour outlines which we can adapt according to your particular interests.

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We will start our day with a morning visit to the Temple Mount to view the Dome of the Rock, El-Aqsa mosque and other sites. 

We continue to some stations of the Via Dolorosa until the Muristan where we have lunch.

The afternoon visits will take us to the Holy Sepulcher, then a rooftop panorama of the Old City. We then go the Western Wall, then up to the Jewish Quarter and view the Cardo and the Hurva synagogue. From there we exit the Old City from Sion Gate and visit the Room of the Last Supper. Depending on time, we will add a few more sites along the way.

For a Christian Tour in particular, click to the relevant page here.

licensed tour-guide Old City Jerusalem


Jerusalem's unique history is alive on every corner. We will start with the Davidson Center and The Wall excavations. Then head to the Kotel Tunnels, which will lead us to the Ecce Homo convent.

Down the Via Dolorosa, where Jesus is believed to have walked on the way to the crucifixion in the present-day St. Sepulcher. 

We will continue via the shuks and stop for lunch at one of the many restaurants. 

We will then head to the Jewish Quarter and visit the Burnt House. From there, the Cardo, Mount Zion with the Tomb of David, then the Tower of David museum.

licensed tour-guide Old City Jerusalem


With a family and their children, we start with the museum of the Tower of David, then walk to the Muristan and go up the bell tower of the Church of the Redemptor.

Back to the shuks where we have lunch at a tasty hummus place, we then continue to the Jewish Quarter to see the Cardo and the panorama towards the Kotel. Then we walk to the City of David to learn about its history and to get our feet in water inside the Hezekiah Tunnel (except if someone suffers from claustrophobia). On the way back, we walk inside the underground Herodian Street and drainage system to reach the Wall excavations in the Davidson Center. We end the day at the Kotel Plaza.

licensed tour-guide Old City Jerusalem
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