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Israel is said to be a country overflowing with milk and honey, at the crossroads between Africa, Asia and Europe.


Despite its tiny size, just over the size of New Jersey, it is truly an extraordinarily diverse country in terms of geology, wildlife, history, culture and religion. The climate is wide-ranging, from the wilderness of the Negev desert and Dead Sea region, to the Mediterranean woodland (maquis) in Galilee, and to the snows of the Hermon range. Every stone has a story in Israel, with historical or religious significance. The country is a melting pot of ideas and influences - no wonder that it has one of the highest concentration of start ups in the world. Cities like Tel Aviv have thriving culture, art and music, as well as a buzzing nightlife. 

No two tours are the same and I will customise them for each individual client, according to his or her particular interest. Here is a Google Map of Israel with some popular locations pinned to give you a flavour of where we can visit. Just click on the Enlarge button on the top-right corner of the map and it will open up a Google Map page where you will find these sites sorted by popular themes and corresponding colour codes.

Google map








National Parks and Nature Reserves Tours


Israel has many national parks (typically sites of historical or archaeological interest) and nature reserves. The most visited sites are Masada, Caesarea, Sepphoris, Megiddo, Beit-Shean, Ein Gedi, Tel Dan, etc. Each site requires about three hours. It is highly advisable to hire a tour guide to take you there.

Blog posts and resources : a quick tour of the main national parks (you can watch the video below) a brief history of Caesarea, the Bell Caves at Maresha Beit-Guvrin, the cable-car at Masada, the Northern Palace in Masada. 

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