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About Albert

licensed tour-guide-israel
Albert Benhamou, Tour Guide Israel

I am a Private Tour Guide licensed by the Ministry of Tourism in Israel.

I can conduct tours in English, French and Hebrew for individuals, families and groups. I am based in Tel-Aviv but can meet you anywhere in the country. Why choose a personal tour guide rather than a bus tour? Click here for answers that may suit you.

I am particularly passionate about Biblical Archaeology, History, Religions and Art. I also love Nature and like to take small groups on some beautiful trails that Israel can offer. 


In addition to being a tour guide, I am a published historian about Napoleon's last years of life, which you can find on Amazon. I also created an informative web site about Biblical & Jewish chronological history. Lastly, I teach international students on two subjects: Holy Land Studies, and Discovery of the Hebrew Bible.

I was born in French Algeria and my wife is from Britain. Our paths crossed learning Hebrew at the ulpan in Jerusalem. We are traditional Jews and have five children, three in Israel, one in London and one in San-Francisco. 

If interested, you can also find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and TripAdvisor.

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Why Choose

Why choose a private tour guide?

Here are some of the reasons why people prefer to book a private tour guide rather than board on a bus tour.

Total Flexibility: private tours leave you the freedom of time and places to visit, when and where to stop, how long for, and so on; we discuss the general itinerary, with your wish and my inputs, and then we may adjust as you feel fit in the course of the tour; when you travel in a bus, you are told when to eat, to board the bus, to stop for needs, to cut short a visit, etc.

Dedicated Tour: a private tour is designed for you, with you or by you; you and your party then get the best experience from the tour, focus on the visits that are important or preferred to them, can ask all the questions they have. How often do you come to Israel? Isn't it worth it making the most from your stay in the Holy Land?


Travel in a private car: it is like traveling with friends in their own car; if you have elderly people or children with you, you would rather travel this way so that you may stop when needed rather than board on a bus and be reliant on the bus driver to stop when it is possible; also traveling by private car makes transportation faster than on a bus, so you gain most from your day: more time spent on actual visits than on the bus !


Restaurants: most bus tours are arranged to stop in specific places for lunch or food; these places are packed with tourists and not really designed to give you a personal experience; in a private tour, we can stop in smaller places where you can taste authentic local cuisine; the whole experience is very different


Shopping: most bus tours will take you to pre-arranged "shopping" stops; at times, these stops may take quite long... as compared to staying maybe a bit longer in a beautiful site to enjoy; in a private tour, you can choose to shop for shopping, or not, and decide to move on if you find nothing of interest to buy; the choice remains yours; no wasted time in places you don't want to stop by or to stay longer than wished

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