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I am a Private Tour Guide, licensed by the Ministry of Tourism in Israel. I am based in Tel-Aviv and can conduct tours anywhere in the country, in English, French and Hebrew, for families, groups and individuals.

I am particularly passionate about Biblical Archaeology, History, Religions and Art. I also love Nature and enjoy taking people on Israel's beautiful trails. In addition, I am a published historian with books about Napoleon that can be found on Amazon. I also created an informative web site about Biblical & Jewish chronological history. Lastly, I teach international students on two subjects: Holy Land Studies, and Discovery of the Hebrew Bible.


I was born in French Algeria and my wife is from Britain. Our paths crossed in ulpan. We are traditional Jews with five children, three in Israel, one in London and one in San-Francisco. Quite a mix, isn't it? What about You?

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Des mots du vocabulaire français proviennent de l'hébreu.

En voici quelques exemples:

Aura, Auréole => vient de אוֹר (Or), la lumière.

Thérapie => racine ת.ר.פּ (“soigner”)

Pâte => dans la Torah, le mot équivalent est פָּת (Pat = pain).

Péché => équivaut à פֶּשָׁע (Pécha)...

The Scorpions Ascent is a route that connects the mountain range of the Negev with the depression of the Arava Valley formed during the continental rift that caused the Syro-African fracture some 5 million years ago. This geological event created the valleys of the Hul...

A short description of the Stone of Unction, its history and its rituals.

Les visiteurs en Israël ces jours-ci sont sans doute surpris de voir de nombreux feux de camp allumés à travers le pays. Car nous commes à la période de Lag BaOmer ! Cette courte introduction vous permettra de comprendre de quoi il s'agit, avec les événements et les em...

Visitors to Israel these days would be surprised to see many bonfires lit across the country. This is the time of Lag BaOmer in the country ! This short blog post is to explain what it is all about with the events and locations related to it.

First and foremost. Lag BaO...

Caesarea made the news again, after an interesting archaeological find was reported in the press. This time  it is a mother-of-pearl tablet inscribed with a "menorah", symbol of Jewish identity and revival since the times of the Maccabees and of the miracle of Hanukkah...

Ahead of the celebrations of Yom Ha'atzmaut (Independence Day) starting at sunset on Monday 1st May 2017, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has published its annual  report of the population of the State of Israel (in Hebrew on their site). For information in Engl...

Towards the closure of the Hebrew month of Nisan and at the beginning of the following month of Iyar, visitors in Israel get to be acquainted with a series of commemorations and celebrations, all related to the Shoah and to the foundation of the State of Israel. Here i...

The Christian celebration of Easter gives us the opportunity to take a look at the events that took place during the Holy Week, and at its related sites in and around Jerusalem. These sites are well known to the many Christian pilgrims and visitors who come to the Holy...

The article gives an overview of the history of the Holy Sepulchre and of its status today.

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