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Trek down Nahal Shimri

Mount Carmel is a very well-known location for Nature lovers as it offers several beautiful treks in the midst of Mother Nature. We did a trek down Nahal Shimri (נחל שמרי) from the top of Mount Carmel until an area with "bell caves". It is a trek on the Western side of the Carmel as the Ofer stream flows down to the direction of the Mediterranean Sea. The trek gives a visual sample of the geological formation of the Carmel and of its specific Mediterranean woodlands (maquis) climate belt, especially in the Springtime season (February-March) when many plants are blossoming. This trek is part of the Israel National Trail (שביל ישראל) which in itself proves its worth. It belongs to the wider area called "Forest Hof Hacarmel" (יער חוף הכרמל) which is managed by KKL (JNF - Jewish National Fund).